Take away your tension by playing table tennis!

July 20, 2022


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nittaku table tennis

We are all familiar with the sports known as table tennis. In some places, table tennis is known by the name of ping-pong or whiff-whaff. The minimum limit of the players allowed to play table tennis are 2 and the maximum limit is 4 people. The best place where you can buy your table tennis supplies is table tennis. They offer tennis balls, also known as ping-pong balls, racquets and other products that are required to play table tennis. nittaku table tennis is a Japanese brand which has gotten extremely popular over the past few years.

Types of Nittaku Tennis Balls


  • Nittaku 3 star premium.
    • It is known to be the best type of ball produced by nittaku.
    • It is used in sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments.
    • It lasts for a longer duration of time but it comes at a higher price range.
  • Nittaku Nexel.
    • This type of ball is known to be very similar to the 3 star premium ball.
    • The reason why they have separated these balls is because it’s made in a different factory and also because it is slightly different from the premium ball.
  • Nittaku JTop ball.
    • These balls come in two different colors; white and orange.
    • These balls are used during the training season in summers and in some other practices.
    • They aren’t as rich in quality as nittaku premium or Nexel, but they come close.
    • They cost upto 70 to 80 cents each.