How did The Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore work?

July 26, 2022


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the indoor cleaning industry has been the center of attention. Almost all businesses give their employees a hygienic and clean surrounding. Such cleaning is provided by Commercial Cleaning Service Singapore.

How do they work efficiently?

There are different sorts of cleaning services, each of which is an expert in cleaning different objects and portions of the building. They are:

1.) HVAC Duct Cleaning: This department works to purify the air quality by eliminating dust particles, allergens, and microbes whose growth is promoted by dirty ducts. They clean the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation ducts.

2.) Window and Door Panels Cleaning: They deal with the regular deep cleaning of buildings with huge glass and steel exteriors. The air pollution causes dirt to get stuck in the door panels and window panes.

3.) Carpet Cleaning: We can see carpet almost in every building as it makes the environment attractive and works as a noise barrier. Apart from this, they are also good at digesting dirt and dust. Thus, this department deals with cleaning the carpets.

4.) Concrete Floor Cleaning: They deal with cleaning concrete floors in the buildings as most do not have commercial floor polishers.

5.) Upholstery Cleaning: They work with cleaning that requires reliable vacuum cleaners. The area may contain partitions.


The employees are paid less than the unionized workers. Some companies also have on-the-job training for new employees because of the absence of tertiary-based courses.